The Business Growth  Program has been developed to provide a structured framework for the MindModelling Coach to use with you to completely overhaul your business. In most cases we come across the owner of the business working in the business rather than working on the business. As the business grows the owner requires other skills that he/she simply does not have. This is when he/she needs a coach!

Over time the business moves from being a profitable small operation to a larger one that loses money or may only pay basic wages to the owners. In many cases the owners regularly dip into their home equity in the belief that tomorrow will be better, but without the vision or proper well thought out plan, the financial situation often deteriorates to the point where either the business must be sold or closed. This situation need not occur if the right help is available.

The BGP is designed to transform an average or poorly performing business into a greatly enhanced profitable, valuable asset that is capable of operating without the business owner. 
The Business Growth Programme can also be used with successful profitable companies because there is no such thing as a company that cannot be improved. In these cases you tend to find opportunities in unusual places and it takes a structured program  like the Business Growth Program to uncover them.

The BGP covers the 5 Fundamentals to business growth:-

    • Marketing and Lead generation
    • Sales conversion
    • Increasing customer purchasing frequency
    • Increasing Purchase transaction value
    • Increasing profit margins
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