This powerful 2 day programme is guaranteed to re-model your mind and create a life that is totally within your control –one where you are the driver and creator of your own destiny as opposed to you being the victim of circumstances, your environment and so called “forces beyond your control” – You will be the architect of your own life. We will teach you...

  • 1st Step: Improve your worth in the Market-Place
  • 2nd Step: Develop Mature Judgement
  • 3rd Step: Put Purpose into Your Life
  • 4th Step: Have the Right Attitude
  • 5th Step: Build Courage to face our Complex Society
  • 6th Step: Develop the Human Touch
  • 7th Step: Take Action
  • Pre-suppositions of Prosperity
  • Aphorisms & Affirmations for Prosperity
  • The Making of a Prosperous Individual
  • Beliefs & Values / How do you find them:
  • Re-modelling your Values for excellence in all 6 Major Areas of your Life
  • Your World...Your Comfort Zone
  • 7 Principles for Success
  • 7 Steps for Installing Memories into Your Future
  • Quantum Change Prosperity Concepts
  • Quantum Change Laws of Mind & Thought for Prosperity Consciousness
  • Good Vibrations / State Control
  • The Emotional Vibration Line
  • 5 Ways to Achieve/Gain Completion
  • Your Personal Goals to be inserted into the future using Strategic Visioning
  • Action planning and Commitment
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